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Creative & Brand Development

Statistics show that most business buyers use the web to research vendors. And whether they learn about your company online or through other means, most buyers and potential partners will review your wesite before they transact business with you.

Your websiteis potentially the most powerful sales & marketing tool you have, yet many companies still don’t focus significant efforts on their website design and development.

A good website plays an enormous role in your sales process and can help you:

Think of your website site as an interactive brochure that speaks with different groups and converts visitors into prospects and customers. It’s an extension of your brand and an example of the quality of work you do.

Although a website design and development project can be a substantial investment, it doesn’t have to break your budget; it just needs to effectively communicate with your market and support your brand. Yet when you develop your website with rich content and some basic marketing functionality, you gain broad and potentially lucrative marketing capabilities.

Best Case

Your website is more than a brochure; it sells. You use it for a variety of internet marketing campaigns: search, email, webinars, ongoing communications, publicity and more.


Your content is relevant; you know how many leads your campaigns generate and what those leads cost.

You can quickly create landing pages for campaigns so you can convert traffic into prospects.

Neutral Case

You have a standard website with basic information plus a few press releases & newsletters. You’ve tried some internet marketing with mixed results.


You know your prospects look at your website and it could be better, but it’s no different than your competitors.

There are bigger priorities than a website redesign, but you suspect that more content & functionality would give you more marketing power.

Worst Case

Your website works against you. It may be the design, content (or lack of), writing, or functionality. It doesn’t support your value proposition and you can’t do any internet marketing campaigns.

You wince when prospects ask for the URL, you know they don’t get a good impression from your site and your competitors look better and stronger.

You can’t quantify whether you’ve lost any business – but you know you probably have.

Website Design and Development Key Concepts & Steps

Before you start a new site project
Make sure you’ve tackled your brand strategycorporate identitymessages and sales literature before developing your website. A website project may also flow from your annual marketing plan, particularly if you’ve decided to pursue more aggressive internet marketing campaigns.
Develop your project team and timeline
Define your website needs
Before you hire a designer or developer, decide what your site needs to accomplish:
Develop your website content
Organize the content

Organize your content so users can quickly find what they need. You’ll also incorporate Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) techniques to help with search engine rankings. For example, your home page is most important to search engines; if you don’t have rich content on that page, you won’t rank as highly

Identify functionality you’ll need
Develop your design requirements

Like your sales literature, your site should convey your brand. Use your regular color palette, typefaces and personality traits as much as possible.

Identify functionality you’ll need
Develop your design requirements

Like your sales literature, your site should convey your brand. Use your regular color palette, typefaces and personality traits as much as possible.

After Your Website Design and Development is Complete

Once you’ve finished your website, use it to communicate with your market and generate leads, especially through email marketingonline advertising and search marketing.

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